Jan 7 2015

Microsoft Excel 2013 VLookup – Part One

  This is the first of several upcoming blog posts we are writing as a followup to the original post John did on the Microsoft VLookup Function way back in 2007.   VLookUp Function – Familiarizing the Function Aside from Microsoft Word, one of the most commonly used computer programs nowadays is Microsoft Excel. It is used by so […]

Jun 19 2007

Match Formula in Excel

The Match Formula in Excel is an easy way to have excel look through an array of values and return the relative position if the match is found. The difference between this and the lookup functions (eg. Vlookup) is it return the position of the item and not the item itself. Let’s go ahead and […]

Apr 20 2007

VLookup in Excel

The Vlookup Function is a part of Excel that I personally use everyday. So many Excel users have no idea it even exists, so I thought this would be a great place to start for ExcelHints.com. Once you learn how to use vlookup, it will greatly ease many of the pains you have had in […]

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