Oct 7 2008

Comments Re-Opened

I just realized that for however many months, the comments section of each post has required registration in order to post your comment. That feature has now been disabled, and all you need to enter now to post a comment is your name and email. Sorry for the extra post regarding this, but I wanted […]

Oct 7 2008

Excel Hints Redesign

With more readers everyday visiting Excel Hints, I’ve decided it’s time to make some additions and changes to the site. If you’ve visited the site in the past, I’m sure you will notice the new design of the website. I’ve received both positive and negative feedback so far, and I appreciate anyone that wants to […]

Sep 19 2008

New Excel Forum

Excel Hints has continued to grow over the last year and since we are approaching 100 subscribers (I’ll definitely have another post when we pass the milestone), I have decided to add a new Excel Hints Forum to the site.  I believe if we can get users to register and begin posting, this can become […]

Aug 14 2008

Excel Hints is almost fixed!

I have been having numerous problems with the site lately and am finally almost finished getting everything back to working order.  For a long time I was unable to upgrade my version of WordPress without it crashing, but that problem is now fixed.  I have put back together all the category sections (I’m still working […]

Jul 10 2007

Website Design Change

I am currently in the process of redesigning the website, so please bare with me while I get this finished. I have been using Blogger to post the updates to the website, but have been limited in some of the things I want to do. So recently I decided to make the switch to WordPress […]

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