Oct 30 2016

History of Microsoft Excel

  Recently I was reading what must be my favorite blog on Microsoft Excel, Contextures by Debra Dalgleish and I stumbled on a post she wrote a little over a year ago, covering the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Excel. So this got me thinking, what is the number of people who have worked in Microsoft Excel at the […]

Apr 13 2016

VBAExpress.Com Forums Answer Any Questions You Have – For Free

Do you have a question or two that you just cannot find the answers for? How many hours, days, or even weeks have you wasted, or worse, what have you not been able to do that you need to do?  Which Microsoft application, or applications are giving you the challenge?  Is this personal or for […]

Jul 14 2009

Microsoft Releases Office 2010 Details

Microsoft has begun releasing details of its new release of Microsoft Office, called Office 2010. I’ve already signed up for the Technical Preview of the software, but unfortunately I’m still on the waitlist.

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