Mar 23 2009

Functions or PivotTable?

Microsoft’s Excel Blog has an interesting post breaking down the advantages of using either functions or pivotTables to do your analysis.  There present the differences with a small example.  Check out the comparison here: Analyzing Data: Functions or PivotTables

Feb 22 2009

Writing a Custom Function

Using VBA, Excel lets you write custom functions that you can call from any cell in your worksheet (You can also call them from macros you create in VBA, but we’ll revisit this later).  This feature is attractive when you are currently using a complicated formula to do some work in your spreadsheet, especially when […]

Feb 12 2009

Difference Between Sub and Function

The difference between when to use Sub and Function in VBA can be confusing.  Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two and when they should be used.  Using these two features correctly can greatly increase the flexibility of your designs.

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