Jul 8 2009

Check if a Cell Contains Text

Excel provides an easy method to determine if a particular cell contains text. Using the IsText function will return True or False after checking the given cell. Let’s take a look at at how to use this function. IsText Example For this example, let’s imagine Cell A1 has the text “Red”, and Cell B1 contains […]

Dec 29 2008

Sum Values in a Range While Ignoring #N/A

Excel provides an easy way to sum a range of cells based on a given criteria.  There are many ways this can be used but the example we are going to look at today is summing a range while ignoring #N/A’s in the same range.  Without ignoring #N/A, the result of the sum will be […]

Dec 8 2008

Summing Across Multiple Sheets

You might have come across an instance where you want to use a function against multiple sheets in a workbook.  Excel provides an easy way to calculate aggregate functions across a range of sheets.  In the examples below, you will see how this can be performed against any range of sheets and sheet names (or even […]

Nov 16 2008

Find the 2nd Largest Value in a Range

Excel provides an easy way to list the k-th (first, second, third, etc.) largest number in a range.  We’ll also take a look at the opposite situation where you want to find the 2nd smallest value in a range, for example. Large & Small Formulas So let’s go ahead and take a look at the […]

Aug 28 2008

Quick Way to Check for Duplicates in a Column

I have been using this quick trick lately to check for duplicates in a column of values.  Let’s say you have a list of a large group of numbers (characters work as well) and want to see if you have more than one instance of any of the numbers.  To check for that, one simple […]

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