Free Microsoft Help Forums (Excel, Access, VBA, etc.)


Excel Hints would like to introduce you to the VBAExpress.Com Excel Forums, a place where you can go to have your Microsoft Excel questions answered by not only us, but by hundreds of the TOP minds in Microsoft Excel, Access, VBA, Office, SQL Server, etc. Many of the Microsoft Excel MVP’s answer questions on this site. The site is owned and operated by Microsoft Excel MVP’s.




Get answers to your Excel Questions, including VBA, for FREE


Making the decision to partner with a forum for your Excel Questions was an easy one. We get emails regarding Excel all the time and honestly sometimes don’t have time to get to them all. Looking into another solution, we thought the VBAX forums was a perfect partnership. Not only can you get you’re questions answered more quickly – but the more users the site has the more knowledge will be included in the responses to the original question – which can only help everyone.




To join the forum follow these three steps and we’ll begin a successful Excel Forum:

  1. VBAExpress.Com Website
  2. VBAExpress Forums page (shows all forums)
  3. Microsoft Excel Forum (Link to Excel forum)
  4. Microsoft Microsoft Power BI Forum (Link to Microsoft Power BI forum)
  5. Microsoft Access Forum(Link to Access forum)
  6. Microsoft Excel Mac Forum(Link to Mac Excel forum)
  7. Plus Other Microsoft Application Forums (Word, Outlook, etc.)




So please, follow these three steps and we’ll begin a successful Excel Forum:

  1. Go to the Excel Forum
  2. Sign up for a username and password
  3. Start posting


See you over there!


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