Jun 9 2017

Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel With A Microsoft Database

This is a BIG topic on BIG Data, but these are Excel ‘hints‘. The challenge here is saying a little, pointing you to a few in-depth resources, to possibly spark an interest or even to pinpoint a possible solution. So here in this post we will point to three extended posts we did on this […]

May 12 2017

Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel and Access

May 13 2016

v1.0 – Excel Hint, how to use Excel VBA to send a copy of your Microsoft Excel workbook via email

Excel Hint, how to send a copy of your Microsoft Excel workbook to one or more users as an attachment to a Microsoft Outlook email, and how to do so programmatically by adding VBA code to your Excel workbook. It is actually pretty easy to do, and there are plenty of different ways to do […]

May 2 2016

The Story of Excel

The Story of Excel Do you ever wonder whatever happened to Lotus 123 and other products that once seemed to rival Microsoft Excel? If you are new to Excel you are likely to be unaware of them, or the history of Excel. The story of Excel dates back to 1982 when its predecessor was called […]

Jun 29 2015

Get your free Microsoft Excel 2013 Mortgage Calculator (Amortization Table)

  If you are like many Americans you have at one time or another had the need to calculate mortgage payments. In the past these calculations were done on paper, using a calculator. But in recent years you have been given the option of doing them online or in a workbook such as Excel. Now […]

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