May 2 2016

The Story of Excel

The Story of Excel Do you ever wonder whatever happened to Lotus 123 and other products that once seemed to rival Microsoft Excel? If you are new to Excel you are likely to be unaware of them, or the history of Excel. The story of Excel dates back to 1982 when its predecessor was called […]

Feb 10 2015

Excel ? IF Statements, LOOKUPS & INDEX/MATCH. When to choose which one? – Part One.

This article will focus on the appropriate use of IF statements, and also show you when it’s better to move into more robust formulas like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH.   IF statements are one of the core formula models you can use in Excel, and they can be very powerful with regards to their […]

Jul 29 2009

Office 2010 Technical Preview

I was recently approved for the technical Preview of Office 2010. I just finished downloading and installing the new software on my laptop and plan on checking out the changes and posting screenshots in the next few days.

Jul 14 2009

Microsoft Releases Office 2010 Details

Microsoft has begun releasing details of its new release of Microsoft Office, called Office 2010. I’ve already signed up for the Technical Preview of the software, but unfortunately I’m still on the waitlist.

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