Feb 10 2015

Excel ? IF Statements, LOOKUPS & INDEX/MATCH. When to choose which one? – Part One.

This article will focus on the appropriate use of IF statements, and also show you when it’s better to move into more robust formulas like LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH.   IF statements are one of the core formula models you can use in Excel, and they can be very powerful with regards to their […]

Feb 4 2015

Free Excel Training

Would you like to receive the same Microsoft Excel training that clients pay $250 an hour for, for free?  No, really. Here are 10 free training videos on Microsoft Excel (See the links below). If your company was to hire us to do a webinar on Microsoft Excel formulas and functions, Pivot Tables, POWER Tips […]

Apr 20 2007

VLookup in Excel

The Vlookup Function is a part of Excel that I personally use everyday. So many Excel users have no idea it even exists, so I thought this would be a great place to start for ExcelHints.com. Once you learn how to use vlookup, it will greatly ease many of the pains you have had in […]

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