Mar 18 2017

How To Use Paste Special To Increase A Range Of Values All At Once

  How To Use Paste Special – Multiply   What do you do if you want to quickly increase every value in a very BIG range of numbers, by a specific amount? For example, say that you want to increase all of the numbers in a large data range by 5%. If you have tens […]

Mar 6 2017


If you are like me and like many other people out there that make their living working in Microsoft Excel, you learn keyboard shortcuts over time that shave a second here, a few seconds there, and if you know enough of them they allow you to work pretty quickly. But out of all of the […]

Jan 25 2015

The Second Most Used Excel Keyboard Shortcut Might be ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’.

Let’s face it, using keyboard shortcuts in Excel, as well as the other Microsoft applications is one way to increase efficiency. Why reach for the mouse, move it to the ribbon of choice, and select a command, when you can simply hit ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’? ‘Ctrl’ ‘C’, ‘Ctrl’ ‘V‘, ‘Ctrl’ ‘Y’ and ‘F4′ are some of the […]

Jul 26 2011

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts from Microsoft

A few years ago, I wrote a post listing many of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Excel. They included anything from copy & paste shortcuts to formatting shortcuts that could increase your productivity within Excel. Well it looks like Microsoft has posted a printer-friendly list of Excel shortcuts for you to use.

Oct 8 2008

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Using these Microsoft Excel shortcuts will greatly decrease your time spent doing simple operations. This is not an exhaustive list of available shortcuts, only commands that I have found useful through my experiences.  I’ve found that the best way to see if any of them will work for me, is to try a couple at […]


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