Mar 1 2018

Applying A Theme In Mac Excel 2011 Super Excel Hint


Excel Hint: How To Apply A Theme In Microsoft Excel 2011 For The Apple Mac


Say you are new to Microsoft Excel for the Mac, or just an average Excel user, and you want to make your workbook more attractive to the user, your boss in this case. That surly must take a lot of effort, right? Wrong, it is super easy to do, and the impact is instantly measurable.


Excel 2011 for the Apple Mac: Applying Themes

Microsoft Excel 2011 Mac Themes


One approach you can take to make your Excel presentations visually stunning is to apply a Theme in Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Apple Mac. If you do you instantly you see that Excel does not need to look so bland; you can make your workbooks pop of of the page with properly formatting the file, via Excel Themes, in a manner of seconds or minutes.


On the Home Ribbon look for the Themes button and click it

MS Excel for the Apple Mac has themes you can apply


Apply An Existing Theme In Mac Excel 2011


Excell themes


To apply an existing theme to your Mac Excel 2011 workbook, do the following:

  1. Open the Excel 2011 workbook.
  2. Click on the Home on the Ribbon
  3. Click on the Themes button on the Home Ribbon.
  4. Play with a few of the existing Themes until you find one that works for you, and you are done.


This is a really good graphic on what you can expect to see when you click the Themes Button on the Home Ribbon:

Microsoft Excel 2011 makes Mac Themes easy


Here is a GREAT video on applying a Theme to an Mac Excel 2011 workbook:


Applying a Theme to your Mac Excel 2011 workbook is super easy!:

excel 2011 for the mac


Here is what Microsoft says on the subject:




Like we said, this is easy to do.


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