Oct 9 2017

Excel Hint – How Do Businesses Become More Productive Using Microsoft Excel


How Do Businesses Become More Productive Using Microsoft Excel?


Said another way, How do Businesses

Excel Efficiently


Well, it is actually not that hard if you take advantage of the productivity enhancement tools available, such as the hundreds of FREE Microsoft Excel templates. Many of these were developed by Jacob Hilderbrand (Owner of this site and the sister site, VBAExpress.com) and a few other amazingly talented Microsoft Excel MVP’s, such as Zack and Daniel.



Getting to the Excel templates is super easy, see image below: Creating A New Workbook From A Template.
See, that is it, a snap; you now have a new Microsoft Excel template to use and to alter as desired.


So the question is, does your organization want to take productivity to the next level? If so here is a really quick and easy way. Simply take advantage of the free Microsoft Excel 2019 templates. Excel 2019 will contain all of the current templates plus there will be new MS Excel 2019 templates, and yes, they are all free!


You can use the Excel templates as they are, or you can alter them internally at your organization, or you can hire Jacob and our team of professional Microsoft Excel programmers to make the changes you need. Either way, you will have a shiny new Excel template. You will also save dozens if not hundreds of hours of workbook development time as the fully functioning Excel template has been created for you! This is a no brainier. This is just one example of how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel.


Smart Businesses Take Advantage of the FREE Productivity Enhancement Tools Widely Available


Excel Hint: Why Work Harder Than Needed – Use The Free Microsoft Excel Templates





Below are just five types of FREE Microsoft Excel templates, on YOUR computer, use them!

  • Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Sales Tracking
  • Accounting


There are hundreds of free Excel templates that do EXACTLY what your business needs, (See image below). What your staff does in Microsoft Excel may be very similar to the hundreds of thousands if not millions of other organizations in the world, from Microsoft, to ASU or even The OCTA. Take advantage of free tools Microsoft created so that you can Excel efficiently. Use them as they are, or you are free to alter them as needed, use the free desktop productivity tools and make your business more productive by simply using Microsoft Excel.


Click on the image to zoom in


As you know, this site is ExcelHints.Com, and as such this post is “an Excel Hint”; not the fully informative blog post. To read the full post please visit our sister site, ExcelConsultant.Net


We have more time savers and money saving Excel hints on the way. One of those will be one of the most useful Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks poster that you can place next to your computer at work.

How will that help you? Well, why type the long-date into cell after cell when you can simply hit two keys on your keyboard? Why manually repeat keystrokes in Excel when you can use the time saving F4? How to use the mouse less.


If your business, government agency or educational institution is ready to become more productive using Microsoft Excel, but lacks the internal talent, give us a call. We can customize the template to work exactly as you need it to, including adding macros/vba for integration and automation, Contact us today to find out more and schedule an appointment!


If your organization needs to integrate and automate one or more of your Microsoft applications, but lacks the skill to do so, we are here to assist you. Please contact us so that we may discuss how we may integration and automation with Microsoft's VBA


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