Apr 12 2017

How Can Jacob Hilderbrand Help You?

How Can Jacob Hilderbrand Help You?

Who exactly is Jacob Hilderbrand, what does he do, and how can he help you with your Microsoft Excel needs?


  • Jacob Hilderbrand is one of the owners of this site.
  • Jacob is a Microsoft Excel expert.
  • Jacob is an Excel VBA guru.
  • Jacob¬†usually works behind the scenes on this site.
  • Jacob is also one of the owners of Vbaexpress.com as well as the lead Microsoft Excel consultant there.
  • Jacob manages the forums at Vbaexpress.com
  • Jacob is the Lead Microsoft Excel Consultant at ExcelConsultant.net. Here is Jacob’s profile.
  • Jacob has been a Microsoft Excel MVP since 2012.
  • Jacob can integrate and automate Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, SQL Server and VB.Net.

If you need help with your Microsoft applications and you want to hire an expert, Jacob can help you.  You can use the contact form on this site to reach him.

If you want to get answers to all of your question about how to do things in Microsoft Excel, Access, etc., use the free forums at Vbaexpress.com

How can you reach Jacob? E-Mail him at Jacob@VBAExpress.com

His LinkedIn profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakehilderbrand/

That is Jacob Hilderbrand in a nutshell, that is who he is, what he does, and how he can help you.

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