Oct 15 2015

We retooled our original site and we added a New blog, Videos, Webinars, and More!!!

We are excited to announce that our original site has been retooled and is now up and running! More than just a blog, there are videos, case studies, free downloads, free webinars, free reference cards and our NEW blog!!!!!

For those of you that do not know, at Excel and Access, LLC our team of programmers, instructors, and advisors truly enjoys getting to know our clients and partners. We’re glad we’ve been able to help you solve your technological troubles, streamline your systems, and make better use of Microsoft for your business. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you with this ExcelHints.Com blog. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

As we know quite well, IT is a constantly evolving field—just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something changes! We wanted to let you know that we’re always here to answer any questions you might have. You can check out our weekly blog updates for free tips and tricks for Excel, straight from our software specialists. If you need help with power pivot tables, macros, chart titles, and more, you know where to go.

Our blog can also give you an inside look at the latest news in IT. For example, you may have heard that Office 2016 was recently released. As you can imagine, this was big news for us Microsoft enthusiasts at the Excel Consultant offices, and we’ve published a post to help you decide if (or, more accurately, when) you should make the switch. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what a “Microsoft MVP” is, you can find out on our blog (hint: it’s not Most Valuable Player, but we do have one!).

If you need the answer to a more specific question or have a more complicated IT problem to handle, we would be delighted to help you out. We often complete multiple projects for our clients—in fact, we’ve got a repeat client rate of more than 80 percent! Our consultants love building long-term relationships with companies so we can really learn their needs and help them grow.

Has an annoying glitch been slowing you down? Are you thinking about upgrading your system but you aren’t sure what might be involved? Do your employees need more tech training? As you might remember, we offer comprehensive free consultations. During these appointments, we’ll answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns, and create a customized plan complete with all the important details so you can decide if you want to move forward with your next project or solution.

We’d love to stay in touch with your company and hear how you’re doing. You can follow us @ExcelandAccess on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn to see what we’re up to or get in touch. We also encourage you to check back for regular news and updates at our site, ExcelConsultant.net.

Once again, thank you for being one of our wonderful members.

The Excel and Access, LLC Team and the Microsoft Office Experts at Vbaexpress.Com, lead by Jacob Hilderbrand, Microsoft Excel MVP

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