Aug 20 2014

Excel’s Index Match Function Made Easy

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel’s Index Match Functions.

While Index Match is one of the strongest combination of worksheet functions in MS Excel, it often intimidates those newer to Excel.  You don’t always have to use the most used function, VLookup.  You can look left, not just right. And that is where the power of the Index Match functions come into play. Once you learn how to use them, you will get past their scary persona, and you too will write these just as easily as you write a VLookup.

To learn how to use it/them, please see the blog post on Excel’s Index Match Function by Jacob Hilderbrand of Vbaexpress.


Or if you want to spend time really digging into the details, no one explains this better than Debra Dalgleish. See how she explains Excel’s Index Match functions in great detail.

Debra’s Resources: Use the INDEX and MATCH functions to pull data from a list. These functions can be used together, to create a powerful and flexible formula.


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