Aug 11 2014

We are back!

Important announcements regarding ExcelHints.Com


  • We are very pleased to announce that Excel Hints will once again be providing bi-weekly updates to the site. We know it has been a while and we want to thank you for being patient. In the past John provided all of the content on his own, and it was as you know a great resource. But times change and demands on individuals have made it such that a different group of individuals will be providing most of the new content to this site. Same site, same philosophy, just more of it, from a variety of people.


  • One variation from the past is that in order to provide more quality content to our members we are looking for a handful of people that would like to contribute to the site. Do you want to share your Excel, Access, Office knowledge with the masses? Looking for a new outlet for your creativity? Look no further, perhaps your original quality content would benefit those that visit this site. Reach tens of thousands of individuals with your post(s). If so please contact Christopher to discuss it.


  • We are also very pleased to announce that we are now part of the VBAX Group which includes VBAExpress.Com and MSVBA.Com where providing free help services on the various Microsoft applications is a large part of our focus. By consolidating our services across these three sites we are able to offer more fresh quality content to a larger number of people. So if you are not already a member of VBAExpress.Com, we encourage you to join today. Membership is free and the rewards are many. Join over 10,000 people a day who make the site one of the most active forums available. While there are a handful of forums on the web, VBAX is actually one of the largest and most popular Microsoft help forums in the USA, UK, and the ROW. It also offers one of the most diverse methods of servicing our visitors by using any and all media options available to provide the help you are searching for. So instead of limiting our site to a forum we have added webinars, videos, LinkedIn groups, case studies and more.


  • A new and exciting aspect to the bi-weekly Excel hints is that we will use Excel help videos in many of our posts. So when applicable you can watch a short 3-5 minute video in addition to reading the post. Yes another way to make you better in Microsoft Excel.


  • In the past email was the only way to reach those behind ExcelHints.Com. But not anymore. A new addition to the site is the toll-free phone number that allows you to reach out and speak directly with those behind Excel Hints. Just dial 844-MS-Excel.

So there you have it, a handful of changes/additions to the site, all aimed at making the site even more useful than it already was.

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