Jun 12 2014

New Excel Formulas & Functions Free Webinar

Last month’s webinar, Excel POWER tips and tricks was a blast! We had a great turn out from all of you. We’re excited to host another one this month on Microsoft Excel formulas and functions presented by Dennis Taylor.

And, we’re excited to welcome Dennis back for this next Webinar! As you might remember, Dennis has over 25 years training experience in Microsoft Excel. His videos are featured on Lynda.com, and he’s even written several books on Excel. For this month’s webinar, he’ll take us behind the scenes of Excel 2013 functions.

Do you know what AGGREGATE does? How about ISFORMULA? What about 3-D formulas that tabulate results across several workbooks?

This webinar is for you. So come join us Friday June 20th at 2pm to learn about Excel’s formulas and functions from the master, Dennis Taylor

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