Mar 2 2012

Change Case of Text in Excel

One question I get all the time is how to change the case of text in Excel. Some applications require case-specific text to make a match with its data. Or you may just want to clean up your data to make it consistent across the document.  Excel provides three quick formulas to accomplish the text-case change we are talking about.

Changing the Case of Text in Excel
We’re now going to look at three formulas that can change the case of text in Excel, PROPER, UPPER & LOWER. For our examples, we will assume cell A1 contains the text “excel FORMULAS”.

=PROPER(A1) will return “Excel Formulas”

=UPPER(A1) will return “EXCEL FORMULAS”

=LOWER(A1) will return “excel formulas”

It’s that easy. ¬†Just add this formula to an adjacent cell in Excel and watch your text’s case be instantly updated without manually changing each cell.

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