Oct 9 2009

Ask Your Questions to Excel Hints

I receive questions all the time from readers of excel hints, both through the contact form as well as questions posted in the comment sections of posts.  So let’s start sharing some of these with everyone.


Going forward, I would like to work together with the readers of Excel Hints to make this a better site.  If you have a question that the other readers can benefit from, I will post the question and answer as a post on the site (if you would like to remain anonymous, no problem). I receive many great questions all the time that I actually have to do some research to answer – so I figure, why not share this with everyone. I’m sure if one person asks it, several other’s out there have the same issue.

So please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have, no matter how big or small, and let’s keep building Excel Hints as the place to get Excel answers.

Some ideas for questions include:

  • VBA
  • Userform
  • Functions
  • Formulas
  • Controls
  • Macros
  • and much more…

Alright, now start asking your questions through our contact form!

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