Aug 26 2009

Poll Results – Have You Ever Built a Custom Userform?

The results are in on Excel Hints’ 5th reader poll. Thanks to everyone who participated – the results of these polls will help shape Excel Hints in the future. We had a great response again with over 125 votes.

And Now For the Results…
As I mentioned before, there were 125 votes in this version of the Excel Hints’ Poll.  Below you can see the results of the poll in the embedded chart:

[poll id="5"]

Looking at this data, over half (54%) of respondents had at least tried to create a userform in Excel; with about 69% of them being successful in that attempt.  From that information, we can gather that a slight majority of the visitors of Excel Hints have experience not only with VBA but also forms in VBA, which is outstanding.  But for anyone who voted “no” on this poll – don’t worry – we will continue to have tips for all levels of Excel users.  Our goal is to cater to as many different experience levels as possible.

Finally, for those who answered no, I plan on writing a step-by-step post soon with a walk-through of how to create your first userform.  From there, we can build upon that knowledge with more advanced features of the controls of the userform. 

Thanks again for everyone who participated – and please answer the new poll already at your right, “How Often Do you Use Excel at Work?”.

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