May 17 2007

Adding an Excel Macro Section to Excel Hints

I use excel macros everyday with my current job duties. A section I will soon be adding to is examples of macros that I use all the time. Macros can be used for several reasons, the most common is when there is a task that you need done on regular basis. Automating the process that you repeat all the time can speed up the amount of time you spend with the repetitious work.

Macros can also be useful to perform complicated tasks that would otherwise be very time consuming to perform. Here’s an example of how I used a macro today: we have a group of excel files with in numerous folders (about 2500 files in 750 folders) that needed an item changed within each file. If the macro found an instance of the item it was looking for, the item number was updated to the new number. After this macro was written, it took about 20 minutes for it to search the each file and make the appropriate changes. Doing this by hand would have taken several days with many people working on it.

I will also be adding a section about how I go about testing the macro before I use it on live data. Always remember to backup your original data before running any type of macro on it!

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