What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Although it may sound complicated, it really isn’t. If you’re out browsing the web looking for helpful or interesting websites and you find one you would like to come back too, that is where Subscribing to RSS comes in. Look for the RSS Symbol (it’s to the right under subscribe on Excel Hints). Clicking on the symbol will ask you which reader you want the updated information to be delivered too. If you don’t already have a reader, there are several you can pick from and get a username and password(Google Reader, NewsGater, and I use Bloglines). After you are subscribed, you just log in to the reader and see if there are any updates to the sites you care about (this comes in very handy if you try to read numerous websites everyday). If you don’t feel comfortable with RSS quite yet, there is an email subscription. All you have to do for that is click and enter you email (a confirmation email will be sent to you, click the link and you’re all set).

So to review, here are the steps to subscribing through RSS:

1. Sign Up for an RSS reader.
2. Find a website you want to get updates from.
3. Click on the RSS button to subscribe.
4. Select your RSS Reader from the list.
5. Enjoy the new content every day that site is updated.

Here a video that might help any readers that are a little more visual learners.

VideoJug: RSS In Plain English

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