Oct 5 2007

Macro tips on Excel Hints

Lately all the updates I have been adding to excel hints have been related to the formulas that are incorporated into Microsoft Excel.  While I still probably have hundreds of formulas that need added to this site, I am going to begin adding tips on how to use the Macro capabilities for Excel. Macros in […]

May 23 2007

Use the Record Macro Feature in Excel

One of the easiest ways to begin learning how to use the Macro ability of excel is to use the “Record Macro” button. To begin recording a macro, goto Tools->Macro->Record New Macro. After you hit that button, any actions you perform will be recorded. When you are finished performing the actions hit the “Stop” button […]

May 17 2007

Adding an Excel Macro Section to Excel Hints

I use excel macros everyday with my current job duties. A section I will soon be adding to ExcelHints.com is examples of macros that I use all the time. Macros can be used for several reasons, the most common is when there is a task that you need done on regular basis. Automating the process […]

Feb 5 2007

Familiarizing With the Visual Basic Editor

In this post, I’m am going to start off with just showing you the parts of a basic macro and how you can get to the editor. To see this feature for your self the first thing you want to do is record a macro.  Try typing some text in a cell, maybe some copying and […]

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