Jan 19 2018

How To Pull Data From the Web Into A Microsoft Excel Workbook


Excel Hint: How To Pull Data From the Web Into A Microsoft Excel Workbook.


Being able to extract data from the web via a Microsoft Excel macro/VBA is pretty cool. It separates an intermediate Excel user from an Excel beginner.


This is often a gateway procedure that changes an Excel user forever; once you learn how to write this code, you see the possibilities.


Learning to write VBA to automate your work changes the game; puts you on the road to becoming an Excel guru!


Want an example, add code to your Excel file that will pull stock data every 5 minutes from the hours of 6am to 4pm, Monday thru Friday, and email you the workbook each day, without you doing a single thing. That is pretty f in cool!




What are some of the reasons Microsoft Excel users use VBA to instantly extract financial data from the web?

  • Pull historical stock data
  • Download real estate listings
  • Extract contact records for sales leads
  • Pull data from member only sites
  • Download all sorts of statistical data




Do you want the code? Click here to read the full post with all of the details and the source code written by Jacob Hilderbrand, from Excel and Access, LLC and a Microsoft Excel MVP.


Do you want to have code like this but don’t know how to write it, don’t have the time to learn, no worries, Jacob will write the Excel VBA for you. This is just one of our paid Microsoft consulting solutions that we offer.


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