Jan 5 2018

How Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Presentations Exceed Expectations


Excel Hint – How to Make Your Microsoft Excel Dashboard Presentations Exceed Expectations via Microsoft Power BI (Power Pivot)


With the advanced data manipulation and data analysis techniques used by Excel’s data scientists and data visualization experts there is a quick way to make visual and numerical sense of the super large data sets possible in Excel 2010 and on, data that is appropriately termed ‘BIG Data’. The tool that has both the speed and the power to make impressive Microsoft Excel dashboards is Microsoft Excel Power BI and Power Pivot. Microsoft Power BI Dashboards have allowed data scientists to tame the BIG data beast…




Imagine this scenario, you report to the Senior VP of Finance for an S&P 100 firm. Your boss has asked you to put together a financial presentation of KPI for the senior team of your organization. You have one week to accomplish this monumental task, and the failure or success of this presentation sits strictly on your shoulders. In addition to the limited amount of time to accomplish this task is the sheer amount of data you have to collect, sift through and organize. We are taking BIG data here; millions of records spread across Excel workbooks, Access tables and SQL Server databases. Currently you do not have a solution in place to accomplish your task. What you need is a powerful Microsoft relational database. So what do you do?


How do you make this even possible in one short week, even if you can gather the data? How can you turn these desperate data sources a powerful relational database? How can you make your presentation actually presentable, organized and visually appealing?

But don’t fret, you are a well seasoned data scientist and data visualization expert and you know that in order to grasp the required data and in order to make it truly sing, Microsoft Power BI, and more particularly, Power Pivot is the only way to go. Microsoft Power BI dashboards with their slicers are the most impressive way to present your findings to the senior team, and the drill-down capabilities make it a snap to use and it will exceed their expectations.


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