Nov 3 2017

Keyboard Shortcut – How To Add A Worksheet To Excel


Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts


If you have worked in Microsoft Excel for any amount of time you undoubtedly have at least heard of keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully you know a good number of them. Any keyboard shortcut that can prevent you from grabbing the mouse or using the mouse-pad makes you quicker and more efficient in Excel, Word, etc.


The image below shows you how to add a worksheet to Excel via a keyboard shortcut. It covers the PC version of Excel as well as the Mac versions of Excel. Give it a try.


29 Excel Hacks IG-number-2-add-a-worksheet-Recovered


Have you ever seen an old school Microsoft Excel user that flies through the program without reaching for the mouse? If you are not one of those people, no worries, you can become one. It just takes your taking the opportunity to learn say 20 – 25 of them. Ctrl C, Ctrl X, Ctrl V, Ctrl Z, etc.


If you do not mind, what are your favorite Excel keyboard shortcuts? Either email them to us or enter them as comments and we will post them.


If you have questions on how to use any of the Microsoft applications, including VBA, visit our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com. If you want to ask questions on Excel VBA, you possibly have code that will not work, get help for free, Free Microsoft Excel Help Forum.


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