Oct 27 2017

Microsoft Power BI – Practical Problem Solving Series


Microsoft Power BI – Practical Problem Solving Series

If you have been on this site before you will know that this site is mostly about Microsoft Excel. Not full posts but short Excel Hints, as the URL implies. Nice small nuggets of useful information/content intended to be of interest to our Excel community. Since the release of Microsoft Office 2010 nothing has been more powerful or more important in the Microsoft world than Microsoft Power BI. Period.


We are running a series of four posts on our sister site, ExcelConsultant.Net. The series will start with an introduction of practical problem solving with Microsoft Power BI. The tree following posts will cover “Making Data Accessible“, “Presentation Preparation“, “Measuring Your Success“.


If you would like an introduction to Microsoft Power BI to get you started, here is the link to a previous highly informative blog post on Microsoft Power BI, ADVANTAGES OF MICROSOFT POWER BI.


Each week as we publish the next blog post in the series you will be able to access the full post directly using the links below as they are made active. We will also post an Excel Hint here on each of the posts. We hope you enjoy the series, it contains some useful insights to the usefulness of Microsoft’s latest and greatest, Microsoft Power BI.


Microsoft Power BI – Practical Problem Solving with Microsoft BI:

  1. Introduction – Posted
  2. Making Data Accessible – Coming Soon
  3. Presentation Preparation – Coming Soon
  4. Measuring Your Success – Coming Soon


If you would like to read the first in the series of posts, please click (Introduction)


If Power BI is of interest to you and/or your organization we do offer full-service Microsoft Power BI consulting and training solutions. You can learn more by visiting our father-site’s Power BI pages, ExcelAndAccess.Com.


If you have questions or comments, please contact us via our simple to use contact form.


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