Sep 1 2017

What You Might Not Know About Microsoft’s Vision

What You Might Not Know About Microsoft’s Vision




When Microsoft decided to build a suite of desktop productivity tools, aka Microsoft Office, they did so with one thing in mind, call it Microsoft’s vision if you will. That vision was to develop the MS Office applications so that they could be funny integrated and automated. So instead of individual applications, you can work with them as one application.


Excel Hint: Microsoft Office Integration and Automation


How do you do that? Simple, VBA/Macros, Visual Basic for Applications. The code behind the Microsoft Office applications. With this code a user can push a button in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and that click would set of a series of actions across a series of applications, ultimately ended up with the desired output, from the provided input.


What took hours or days now takes seconds or minutes. Take the user out of the equation. Microsoft’s vision takes what sounds complicated and makes it actually simple.


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