Aug 11 2017

29 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – #1 Select All Cells


Top 29 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – #1 Select All


If you use Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, using keyboard shortcuts can increase your efficiency and keep your hands off of the mouse. Perhaps you already know a few, perhaps you know none. Either way we have an easy to reference chart to teach you the 29 most used Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts. You can get your copy today, for free.


#1 – Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut, Select All.

  • “Ctrl + A” for Windows
  • “Command + A” for Apple


If you Google “Select all cells in Microsoft Excel” you may get the graphic below.


Google search, select all cells in Microsoft Excel


This Excel keyboard shortcut is a huge time saver. Manually selecting all and not missing anything can take 10 or more seconds, while the keyboard shortcut would take a mere fraction of a second.


Typically if you are selecting all there is a very good chance your next action will be to copy what you have selected. Doing that is just as easy, another Excel keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + C“, which is mostly likely shortly followed by another MS Excel keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + V“, to paste what you copied. So doing this manually could take you a handful of seconds if you are fast when you work in Excel, or minute if you are slow. But if you used the three keyboard shortcuts, you could do this in a second or less.


Would you like to see a long list of Excel keyboard shortcuts? If so visit our sister site, ExcelConsultant.Net, Free Excel help article on Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.


29 Excel Hacks-1-select-all-cells


If you would like to get a free copy of the 29 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts chart please send us an email and we will get that right out to you, provided by


What are your favorite and most used Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts? If you would like to see a post on them, send us an email and let us know what they are.


If you are a data scientist or visualization expert chances are you know all of the primary Excel keyboard shortcuts and that you really do not use the mouse that much. Just like people who used to work in Lotus 123, using keyboard shortcuts is a sign of a master. I know when I was an Excel consultant I was extremely fast in Excel, and much of that speed came via keyboard shortcuts. But anyone using Excel can master these, and while you work on memorizing them, use the free cheat sheet being offered here.


Stay tuned for more Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.

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