Aug 4 2017

Excel University – Free Microsoft Excel Training Webinars

Earn CPE's learning Microsoft Excel


Jeff Lenning of Excel University is an Excel PowerHouse. Jeff is one of the nation’s top Microsoft Excel trainers. In addition to live onsite training for his clients, Jeff sells a series of books on Microsoft Excel training on Just search for “Jeff Flenning” and you will find them.



Jeff has something to offer that most Microsoft Excel trainers do not, and that is CPE’s for CPAs. That is why companies such as Disney hire Jeff. Jeff is a CPA. But the training you will receive with Jeff is the same for both CPA’s and us regular folk. I mean Excel is Excel, and a VLookup is a Vlookup. Excel does not have special functions or features for CPAs. And the same can be said when our firm provides free Excel training.


In this complimentary 90-minute webinar, he’ll present 3 Excel topics that will help you get your work done the fast way, and he’ll also talk about getting certified in Excel with the Excel University Graduate Certification program. Registration for the free webinar is limited, so, use the link below to hold your spot.


The free webinar dates are:
• August 14
• August 17
• August 21
• August 22
• August 24

The registration page has times and a time zone converter to see your local time zone.


Learning Microsoft Excel is hard for most, but Jeff makes it easy.


In the webinar, he’ll talk about the traditional approach to 3 common tasks, and show how the traditional approach is the slow way. Then, he shares the fast way. Plus, he’ll introduce the Excel University Graduate Certification program, which is a comprehensive certification specifically designed for accounting and finance professionals. Hope you decide to check it out!


Look, no matter if you are a CPA or if you are a college student, this is quality Microsoft Excel training from one of the biggest names in the game. The webinar is free and the information being taught has value. So make the time to take your Excel game to the next level.


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