May 12 2017

Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel and Access

Most of the people that visit this site do so to read the short blog posts (“Excel Hints”) on Microsoft Excel topics. Excel is the most used desktop productivity tool in North America and the UK for a reason, so that makes sense that this site’s readers are primarily interested in Excel topics. But what about taking your Excel skills and applications to the next level, or actually several levels up; what if you integrate Microsoft Excel with one or more of the other Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Access?




You could decide to leverage the BIG data crunching power of Microsoft Access, instead of forcing Excel to slowly crawl through the cells. You could decide to use your current Excel app as the front-end, and add Microsoft Access as the back-end. Yes, you would need to make numerous changes to the Excel workbook(s), but the payoff would be a smaller file that updates more quickly, one that now takes minutes to use versus hours or worse, days.


Integrating Excel with Access or even SQL Server is not that hard to do, and there are a variety of ways to do it. Find the approach that works best for you and do that approach as efficiently as possible. Doing so will save you can your employer hours and hours of wasted time. Integration the various Office apps is a no-brainer.




We did a longer post on integrating Excel with Access on one of our other sites, if you click here you can see it.


If you want to know how to send Excel data to Access, this is a great read on our favorite Excel help sites, Contextures out of Canada.


Microsoft did a very good post on this topic, Top 10 Reasons To Use Access With Excel. Give it a read.


One of the easiest ways to learn how to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access is to buy Helen’s book. Helen is an Access, Excel, Word and Outlook expert, one of the top minds in the country. So if you are interested check out her book, the link is below.

Buy Helen’s Access Archon Working With Excel

Helen Feddema's Book on Integrating Excel and Access


If you want help with your organization’s Microsoft applications, please call us now and get started today 844-MS-Excel


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