May 6 2017

Microsoft Excel Certifications

Here is an Excel hint for you, there are many Microsoft certifications available, and each can help to show the world that you are a Microsoft expert. This Excel Hint has a few links that will help you to explore this subject.


How many Microsoft certifications are you aware of?


How many Microsoft certifications do you have?


For example, Jacob Hilderbrand, one of the owners of this site is a long-time Microsoft Excel MVP. The Microsoft MVP certification is one of the top two Microsoft certifications available. In any given year there are only about 130 Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world. Yes, that is correct, around 130 in the world. Being one can really set you apart. If you are not one already, don’t fuss, you can become one. Jacob’s Microsoft Excel MVP Certification page on the Microsoft website.


Below are a series of links that will help you to learn more about Microsoft certifications.


What does it take to be an MVP?


Nominate an Excel expert you know for the Microsoft Excel MVP award, or nominate yourself.


Visit the Microsoft MVP page Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

Here is the list of Microsoft Certification Exams.




So there you have it, there are many Microsoft certifications that may benefit you by setting you apart from the millions of Excel users. Take your time to explore the links that take you to many useful pages on the Microsoft website.


Do you want to know why Microsoft Certification really matters for those of you that are looking to hire an Excel consultant?


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