Dec 6 2015

Free Webinar on Power Tips for Using Microsoft Office – Moving Data Between Them


While this webinar is being sponsored by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, for its members, in actuality anyone can attend and everyone is invited. You do not need to join the chamber, nor will this webinar have any selling going on. Rather we want to educate as many people as possible, and this webinar covers moving data between all of the Microsoft applications, such as moving Excel data into Access, without the use of code. So please join us.

Click Here to Attend This Free Webinar being held December 10th, at 12-1pm pst.

Power Tips for Using Microsoft Office:
Microsoft Office has been the dominant business productivity suite for many years now. As it has evolved, the various elements of the program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and others) have become more intertwined and interconnected to increase the functionality of the entire suite. While many users know how to work within the different programs, few people understand how to use the different applications together to take maximum advantage of their combined powers. You will learn:
• How to automatically share data between Office applications
• Using the power of the Cloud to collaborate and increase efficiency
• Importing and exporting templates, tables, and other formatted content
• …Much more!

Join Paul Delke, President of Talon Computer Associates to explore Power Tips that you can use right away to enhance your Microsoft Office productivity. Talon has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994.


We’ll begin by teaching you the most common (and useful) keyboard shortcuts, so you no longer have to click or find the right tab to complete everyday operations. Next, we’ll show you how to send emails from Office applications using filing and sharing. This can make office and client communications much simpler and more streamlined.

Paul will instruct you to how automatically share data between Office applications, linking from Word to Excel, Excel to Word, PowerPoint to Excel, and Excel to PowerPoint. We’ll explain how to get data from Word or Excel to Access and use Word mail merge from Excel or Access. We’ll also demonstrate how to import and export tables and other formatted content between applications, using copy/paste, special values, source formatting, and destination formatting. These functions will make analyzing your numbers, creating promotional materials, communicating with coworkers, and more a lot easier.

Click Here to see the agenda and to read more about this webinar

Hope to see you there.

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