Feb 4 2015

Free Excel Training

Would you like to receive the same Microsoft Excel training that clients pay $250 an hour for, for free?  No, really. Here are 10 free training videos on Microsoft Excel (See the links below).

If your company was to hire us to do a webinar on Microsoft Excel formulas and functions, Pivot Tables, POWER Tips & Tricks, Excel Tables, or the like, your company would pay $250 an hour.  Same exact topics, same trainers, but you can view these recordings which go over our most popular topics,  for free.

Two of the top websites that offer CPEs for CPAs hire us to provide Excel training.  Once again, same topics, same speakers, but you can see them for free.

We are not trying to sell you anything.  Nor are we trying to get you to get your company to pay for training.  So why do this?  Simple, ExcelHints.Com is owned by the VBAX Group.  The VBAX Group owns and operates Vbaexpress.Com, one of the leading Microsoft help forums in the world.  The forum is there to help people with their Microsoft application problems, including VBA. One way that Vbaexpress.com helps its members is by providing free training webinars on Microsoft Excel.  And when we do we record them, we add them to the two video pages on the website, so anyone, anywhere, can view them at anytime. Interested?  If so, read below, click the link, view the videos, and come back here and leave a comment, letting us know your thoughts.

See part-one and part-two, two hours each, covering Microsoft Excel Functions and Formulas. That is four full hours of free Excel training by Dennis Taylor.

Information on this series of free webinars: Working with Microsoft Excel 2013 formulas and functions is absolutely critical to building powerful financial and analytical worksheets and is probably the most important skill set for many Excel users. This session gives you perspective on what functions are available and explains (with extensive examples) how to use many of them, including: the IF function (with AND and OR), the powerful VLOOKUP function, selected Date, Statistical, Financial, and Mathematical functions, and the frequently overlooked Text functions.

Part-two of the four-hour series on working with Microsoft Excel 2013 formulas and functions by Dennis Taylor: Index, Match and other the frequently overlooked functions.

  • Learn formula-building shortcuts and how to use formula-auditing tools
  • Learn how to build 3-D formulas to tabulate totals from multiple worksheets.
  • Learn how to use the powerful IF function and the related AND and OR functions for programming-like capability.
  • Learn how to look up information in tables using the VLOOKUP function
  • Use the AGGREGATE function to circumvent error-laden data
  • Learn how to use selected Text functions to extract and manipulate character and numerical data for sorting and analytical purposes.
  • Learn how to harness the power gained from using multiple functions in a nested fashion
  • Learn how and when to use the powerful COUNTIF/SUMIF family of functions
  • Learn about new Excel 2013 functions – ARABIC, ISFORMULA, FORMULATEXT
  • Learn formula-building shortcuts and how to use formula-auditing tools
  • Learn how to build 3-D formulas to tabulate totals from multiple worksheets.


See the Microsoft Excel POWER Tips & Tricks Excel training video.


See part-one and part-two of Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables training video.


We add Excel training videos every few months, so please check back and see what else we have to offer.  Oh, speaking of offers, we are in the process of adding three 2-hour training videos on Microsoft Access.

When you visit Vbaexpress.Com please take the time to register and to become a member.



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