Jan 25 2015

The Second Most Used Excel Keyboard Shortcut Might be ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’.

Let’s face it, using keyboard shortcuts in Excel, as well as the other Microsoft applications is one way to increase efficiency. Why reach for the mouse, move it to the ribbon of choice, and select a command, when you can simply hit ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’? ‘Ctrl’ ‘C’, ‘Ctrl’ ‘V‘, ‘Ctrl’ ‘Y’ and ‘F4′ are some of the most used keyboard commands, and they are not used just by Lotus 123 users, but newbies alike.

Microsoft Excel Ctrl Z KeyBoard ShortCut

So what does the keyboard shortcut combination of the Ctrl key and the Z key do?  Simple, it undoes what was just done.  Now you have to admit that if we work in Excel for any period of time, we could use Ctrl Z easily ten times a day. I mean personally I could use it 20 or more times a day, and I often find myself wishing that there was an undo key for life.


So there you have it, Ctrl Z will allow you to erase an action just performed.  Undo the deletion of a row, the formatting of a cell, the pasting of data, etc. (Please post a comment on the ways you usually use the short cut.)


So what are some of the sites that list these shortcuts as well as others?  Look below and see a few of our favorites.


According to ShortCutWorld.Com (A wiki-style reference database for keyboard shortcuts). This is one of the most complete pages on Microsoft Excel Keyboard shortuts.  I have it as a favorite.

3. Insert and Edit Data

minusplusUndo / Redo Shortcuts
Ctrl+z Undo last action (multiple levels).
Ctrl+y Redo last action (multiple levels).



Microsoft also has some pretty amazing pages on Keyboard shortcuts in Excel. This article describes what Key Tips are and how you can use them to access the ribbon. It also lists Ctrl combination shortcut keys, function keys, and some other common shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel 2013. At The VBAX Group we not only help the world with the Microsoft applications, for free via forums, videos, etc., we also do work for Microsoft itself.  Jacob just completed a PowerPivot project for the internal Microsoft team.  In terms of the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’, Microsoft says:

Ctrl+Z Uses the Undo command to reverse the last command or to delete the last entry that you typed.


But as always, the site that is defintly my favorite is Contextures by Debra. We are happy to say that we actually work with several of Debra’s clients.  Debra and Ken are both Microsoft Excel MVPs, and both are up north in Canada.  Ken is also active on VBAExpress.Com, one of the top forums on Microsoft Applications. Ken runs ExcelGuru.Ca, which is the only Excel forum in Canada that I know about.


Below is a short video we did on the Microsoft Excel KeyBoard ShortCut ‘Ctrl’ ‘Z’.  Take a look.

See the Excel VIDEO Hint on this topic, on YouTube.


We at the VBAX Group hope this post helps you in your daily Excel efforts.  If not please pst a comment or contact us directly.  If you are not already a member of VBAExpress.Com you should be. It is one of the largest forums on the Microsoft applications, not only Excel, but the rest of MS Office, in the USA.

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