Aug 18 2014

CTRL + V = Paste in Microsoft Excel

According to Wikipedia, In computing, Control-V is a control character in ASCII code, also known as the synchronous idle (SYN) character. It is generated by pressing the V key while holding down the Ctrl key on a computer keyboard. The equivalent Mac OS key combination on Apple computers is Command-V.

Simply put, in Microsoft Excel, as well as many of the other Microsoft applications, CTRL+V will paste the contents of the clipboard to the application in use.  Specifically in Microsoft Excel, if you use CTRL+C to copy a cell, and then move to a different cell and hit CTRL+V, you will paste the copied information into the new location. Same thing will happen if you use CTRL+X to cut the cell contents, and then use CTRL+V in a different cell.

To see more of the keyboard shortcuts, visit Vbaexpress.Com,


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