Aug 6 2010

Adjust the Security Level in Excel

If you’ve ever used any Excel files that had macros included, you’ve probably come across the security settings in Microsoft Excel. There are multiple levels of security that Excel provides depending on your comfort level of running macros on your computer. Below we’ll look at how to change this setting and what each setting does.


Changing Security Levels

Changing the security settings are done at a program level, so the changes you make will be across each spreadsheet you open from then on. To change the security settings for your local copy of excel, try the following from the main menu:

  1. Select Tools –> Macro –> Security
  2. Select the level of security you are comfortable with
  3. Select OK
  4. Close and re-open the current document you were working on for the changes to take effect

Available Security Levels

There are many different levels of security listed below as described by Excel (2003):

  • Very High. Only macros installed in trusted locations will be allowed to run. All other signed and unsigned macros are disabled.
  • High. Only signed macros from trusted sources will be allowed to run. Unsigned macros are automatically disabled.
  • Medium. You can choose whether or not to run potentially unsafe macros.
  • Low (not recommended). You are not protected from potentially unsafe macros. Use this setting only if you have virus scanning software installed, or you have checked the safety of all documents you open.

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  1. used tires said:

    I’ve had to do this other day in order for me to use some of the excel applications that my professor sent me, in fact he told us to do this, its just weird that we have to actually do this in Excel, any particular reason why there are security levels for Macros?

    Till then,


    September 1st, 2010 at 1:41 am

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