Jul 29 2009

Office 2010 Technical Preview

I was recently approved for the technical Preview of Office 2010. I just finished downloading and installing the new software on my laptop and plan on checking out the changes and posting screenshots in the next few days.


Excel 2010

Excel 2010

For anyone that didn’t like the change to the ribbons at the top in Office 2007, it might be time to get used to them… because they’re back. Personally, I think once you get use to them they’re aren’t that bad. In addition to the ribbons still being there, Microsoft has added a few new features to Excel 2010 that might be of interest.

From what I’ve read, the biggest addition is the new analysis feature called Sparklines. Sparklines enables you to provide small visual charts/graphs of you data in an adjacent cell. I can see that people who like seeing both the data and visual representations will think this is a great feature.

Additionally, there are new collaborative tools that allow multiple users to edit the document simultaneously.  Personally, I’m very interested to see how this works because this is something I would use with my team all the time.

Excel 2010_File Menu

Excel 2010 File Menu

Conditional Formatting
Finally, I’ve also heard that there are some new features with conditional formatting.  Additional colors, icons, formatting abilities that weren’t possible before.  I’ve always been frustrated with the limitations of Excel’s built-in conditional formatting, so that is a welcome change… hopefully.

Leave Your Comments
Please leave your comments below about what you think about either Excel 2007 or the new Excel 2010 if you had the chance to check it out.  I’m interested to see how people feel about it.

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5 Comments on this post


  1. isaac said:

    Why in the world does excel think people prefer the Ribbon, over the efficiency / quickness of the Menu’s – which provided for more than just a nice view of the menu options, they also provided for people to continue to utilize alt-key sequences.

    how many times have you typed, alt – I – R instead of clicking Insert, Row.

    Sure, I know Excel 2007 says you can still use the same alt key sequence you are using – as long as you have it memorized and close your eyes.

    But hwo will anyone learn them?? it’s like they’re now considered outdated, and while still useable, they are clouded over.

    WHY?????????? why is this better?

    I LOVE the one million rows…..although let’s face it, it mostly helped people who had exhausted their own personal use for Excel and should have started learning to program database anyway. If you’re routinely needing hundreds of thousands of rows, then you shoudl probably be using Access anyway.
    That said, I do take advantage of it myself :)

    I have heard that in Excel 2007, recording macro’s and VBE is not a userfriendly. Why are they doing that? is excel 2010 just as bad?

    this is very scary change from 03 for people like me who need all the help they can get from VBE to make vba work for us.

    September 30th, 2009 at 5:45 pm
  2. KT said:

    How do you get apprioved to preview the 2010 version??

    October 26th, 2009 at 1:35 pm
  3. john said:

    Microsoft had a sign up page to get on the technical preview page. I believe I had to give some info about why I wanted to use it too. I was approved a few weeks later and sent the download. I just got an email about the beta this week.

    October 26th, 2009 at 10:14 pm
  4. Sankalp said:

    I have office excel professional plus 2010……

    I can’t see a small filled square sign{which turns to plus sign on holding mouse click on it and is used to scroll the cell formula, etc.} which appears on the cell…. just as the in the image shown here…… there is a small plus sign in cell A1……
    I think you are understanding.

    Please help, excel without this function can’t be imagined….

    August 3rd, 2011 at 2:42 am
  5. Sankalp said:


    just as the image shown here..
    there is a “small filled square” sign in cell A1.

    August 3rd, 2011 at 2:44 am


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