Apr 16 2009

What Are You Looking for Help With?

As a follow up to the poll How Often Do You Use Excel Macros, to further lead the direction of Excel Hints, we asked you the question:

Are you looking for more help with Macros or Formulas?


Once again I was surprised with the results of this poll.  The results were definitely leaning more towards the macros side.  The reason I found this surprising was that many of the Excel users I know are much more comfortable using the formulas in Excel rather than any VBA functionality.  Apparently, however, the majority of Excel Hints users are more interested in learning more about VBA / Macros.  My goal is to take that into consideration on future posts (although we are still going to continue with formula tips here as well)

If you interested in the final tally of the poll, you can check it out below:

[poll id="4"]

The next poll we are hosting is an easy one (Yes or No):

Have you ever built a custom userform to use in your Excel rogram?

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1 Comments on this post


  1. Van said:

    I have a workbook that has many worksheets included inside of it. All the worksheets are the same form. I want to be able to check the times in each worksheet to make sure I have not duplicated any of the times. I can find info on how to do this with two worksheets, but not more than two. How do I create a macro or something that will check these times for me with the click of a button? Or, is it possible?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    July 20th, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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