Feb 11 2009

How Often Do You Use Excel Macros?

The second poll on Excel Hints just closed and I’d like to thank everyone who participated. One of my goals is to use these polls to gauge what the readers of Excel Hints are looking for.  Which takes us to the most recent poll that just closed today: How often do you use macros?
I was honestly a little surprised by the final tally of votes.  The results were definitely more skewed towards extensive use of Excel Macros as opposed to never using them.  Below is the chart of the four option readers were given:

[poll id="3"]

Combining the two options that are more in favor of using macros verse the two that are less in favor of using macros; you can easily see the results of the poll. About 60% (70/118) votes were for using Excel Macros over half of the time.

The results from this poll lead us into the next poll question: When you visit Excel Hints, are you looking for more help with Excel Macros or Worksheet functions? The results of this poll in combination with the poll that just concluded will help shape Excel Hints in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who has and continues to participate in these polls.

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  1. What Are You Looking for Help With? | Excel Hints wrote:

    [...] a follow up to the poll How Often Do You Use Excel Macros, to further lead the direction of Excel Hints, we asked you the question: Are you looking for more [...]

    April 16th, 2009 at 11:00 pm
  1. Vickie said:

    My favorite macros are simple ones. I created the following:

    ctl-T – this copies section, then pastes values (i do this after a vlookup)

    ctl-W – this one will merge the highlighted cells, text-wrap, and center vertically.

    ctl-Q – this one will text-wrap and center vertically without merging the highlighted cells.

    as you can see, nothing fancy, but used all day long in my spreadsheet work.

    February 12th, 2009 at 11:01 am

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