Oct 29 2008

Browser Based Excel

It looks like Microsoft is finally going to come out with a version of Office that will be made for your internet browser. Like Google has done with Google Docs, Microsoft announced its plans at the Professional Developer Conference (PDC)┬áto put lightweight versions on Excel, Word, Powerpoint and OneNote online that you can pull up through your web browser (Of course these won’t be free versions, but you will finally get the Excel that you’re used to more availably).

The new online/browser-based apps will come in handy when you aren’t sitting at your desk with your preloaded programs in front of you. If you’re on the road and realize you need to review the document, the online apps provide another way for you to get to that information – which is always a good thing. I’m interested to check it out.

Infoworld has some screenshots of the new web apps that you can check out for yourself.

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