Sep 19 2008

New Excel Forum

Excel Hints has continued to grow over the last year and since we are approaching 100 subscribers (I’ll definitely have another post when we pass the milestone), I have decided to add a new Excel Hints Forum to the site. 

I believe if we can get users to register and begin posting, this can become an invaluable tool to getting everyone’s questions answered as quickly as possible.  With my full time job, I don’t always have time to answer everyone’s questions I get through email, so I think this is the perfect solution to that.  I’ll answer as many questions as I can through the forum and hopefully we can get other’s to help out too if they know the answer.

You’ll notice I have added a link at the top on the menu bar that will take you directly to the forum.  Please take a look around and make suggestions about how we can make the forum better.  As I was typing this, I just thought of adding a “Tips and Hints” section, that way everyone can enter their own tips they have come across that might help others.

I’m really excited about getting this rolling and I hope you are too.  See you over at the forum.

P.S.  I do plan on continuing to make posts here that will continue to help Excel users in their projects.

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