Oct 5 2007

Macro tips on Excel Hints

Lately all the updates I have been adding to excel hints have been related to the formulas that are incorporated into Microsoft Excel.  While I still probably have hundreds of formulas that need added to this site, I am going to begin adding tips on how to use the Macro capabilities for Excel.

Macros in Microsoft Excel are written in Visual Basic for Applications (or VBA), which is just a program to provides you with the ability to a little more functionality to your spreadsheets.  Macros are an excellent choice to use for any repetitive tasks you need to accomplish, and the examples I will provide will make that obvious.  As with the formulas added to the site, we will begin with some basic functions and build upon them.

Anyone that has any suggestions on something that they would like to see on the site or suggestions on how I can make the site better, please contact me using the contact form.

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