Jan 5 2018

How Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Presentations Exceed Expectations


Excel Hint – How to Make Your Microsoft Excel Dashboard Presentations Exceed Expectations via Microsoft Power BI (Power Pivot)


With the advanced data manipulation and data analysis techniques used by Excel’s data scientists and data visualization experts there is a quick way to make visual and numerical sense of the super large data sets possible in Excel 2010 and on, data that is appropriately termed ‘BIG Data’. The tool that has both the speed and the power to make impressive Microsoft Excel dashboards is Microsoft Excel Power BI and Power Pivot. Microsoft Power BI Dashboards have allowed data scientists to tame the BIG data beast…




Imagine this scenario, you report to the Senior VP of Finance for an S&P 100 firm. Your boss has asked you to put together a financial presentation of KPI for the senior team of your organization. You have one week to accomplish this monumental task, and the failure or success of this presentation sits strictly on your shoulders. In addition to the limited amount of time to accomplish this task is the sheer amount of data you have to collect, sift through and organize. We are taking BIG data here; millions of records spread across Excel workbooks, Access tables and SQL Server databases. Currently you do not have a solution in place to accomplish your task. What you need is a powerful Microsoft relational database. So what do you do?


How do you make this even possible in one short week, even if you can gather the data? How can you turn these desperate data sources a powerful relational database? How can you make your presentation actually presentable, organized and visually appealing?

But don’t fret, you are a well seasoned data scientist and data visualization expert and you know that in order to grasp the required data and in order to make it truly sing, Microsoft Power BI, and more particularly, Power Pivot is the only way to go. Microsoft Power BI dashboards with their slicers are the most impressive way to present your findings to the senior team, and the drill-down capabilities make it a snap to use and it will exceed their expectations.


Do you want to know more? Is this Excel hint just that, a hint, and you want to read the details? Click here to read our post on Microsoft’s Power BI covers the following points:

  1. Why BI is the Basis for Presentations
  2. Reports and Your Reputation
  3. Appearing Intelligent with Advanced Analytics
  4. Demonstrating Data with Vibrant Visualizations
  5. Are You Ready to Boost Your Presentation Power?


Dec 6 2017

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut – How To Insert Column or Row


Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – How To Insert a New Column or Row


Knowing how to insert a row or column via a keyboard shortcut should be one that you know. Inserting rows or columns is a staple in Microsoft Excel, just as is deleting them. Of course this is for those that do workbook development and not just using what has been built.


29 Excel Hacks IG-number-insert-rows-columns


The image above shows you how to insert a new row or column into an worksheet via a keyboard shortcut. It shows how to do this in both versions of Microsoft Excel, for the PC or the Mac. Give it a try.


You too can become a keyboard shortcut master; you don’t need to learn them all at once. Just learn one or two per month and before you know it, you will be flying through your Excel files, without touching the mouse.


In Microsoft Excel 2013: Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells image via gcflearnfree.org



Have we not covered a keyboard shortcut that you use on a regular basis? If not send us an email and we will make sure to cover it.


If you have questions on how to use any of the Microsoft applications, including VBA, visit our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com. If you want to ask questions on Excel VBA, you possibly have code that will not work, get help for free, Free Microsoft Excel Help Forum.


If you would like to get a free copy of the 29 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts chart please send us an email and we will get that right out to you, it has been made available to you via SiegeMedia.com.


Dec 1 2017

Microsoft Power BI: Making Data Accessible


Excel Hint – Making Microsoft Data Accessible via Power BI




The most Powerful Dashboards: As Microsoft notes,

Power BI Dashboards are a wonderful way to monitor your business, to look for answers, and to see all of your most-important metrics at a glance.” While they are quite attractive, “a dashboard isn’t just a pretty picture; it’s highly interactive and highly customizable and the tiles update as the underlying data changes.” Power BI’s dashboards constantly process information to give you the distilled data you need. This is the epitome of accessibility


Microsoft Power BI reduces the number of hours businesses spend searching for the information that they need to run their organization. Microsoft Power BI can make that data accessible.




All of the data that businesses use are stored on computers. It can be stored in of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Azure. All of that critical data saved all over the place.


The downside to having all of this information is that it can be difficult to actually find the data you need when you need it. Take for example a quarterly sales report become that you need to locate before an important meeting.


Microsoft Power BI was designed to make it easy to access your data when you need it, and to do so quickly. That is Power BI.


As we covered in the first blog in this series, BI is built on data, BIG Data. BI software saves you time by putting all of that data in one place.


Power BI is a Relational Database that not only puts all of your data in one place, it allows you to use the Microsoft Excel intuitive interface that you are familiar with.


Here is (This is an “Excel Hint”). In the full edition of our blog (the second of four on this topic) we explain how Microsoft Power BI can make your data accessible so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of hunting for it.


If your organization needs to hire a Microsoft Certified Power BI Developer, reach us via our contact form.


If you want to get answers to your Microsoft Power BI questions, visit our free Microsoft Forums at VBAExpress.com, here is the link to the Power BI forum.


Nov 17 2017

Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2016 or Wait for the Release of Excel 2019?


Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2016 or Wait for the Release of Excel 2019?




Here is the Excel “HINT”:If you are using Microsoft Excel 2013 or older, and if you are considering an upgrade, you have a tough decision on your hands; do you bite the bullet and install the problematic Excel 2016 or do you wait 9 months and get Excel 2019?


Note, if you have Office 365 you could upgrade to 2016 now, and then to 2019 in nine months, no extra cost.


If you work for a large corporation you might always be one version behind, as that is the way large corporations typically do it, but if you are an individual, using Excel 2013, not using Microsoft Power BI, I would recommend waiting for 2019.




So this ends our Excel “HINT”: If you want to read the full post, click here to visit our main blog at ExcelConsultant.Net.



Nov 13 2017

Get Ready for Microsoft Excel 2019


Here is an Excel Hint for you, Get Ready for Microsoft Excel 2019!




The next version of Microsoft Office is coming to a computer near you soon. The company announced today that Office 2019 will be released sometime in the second half next year. Previews will ship in mid-2018. It will include the applications we’re used to, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as servers such as Skype for Business and Exchange. Source: Microsoft


According to Jared Spataro, general manager for Office: Today, at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, we announced Office 2019—the next perpetual update for Office. This release, scheduled for the second half of 2018, will include perpetual versions of the Office apps (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) and servers (including Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business). Previews of the new products will start shipping mid-year 2018.




Microsoft Says This About Excel 2019: Some of the new features in Office 2019 that it highlights are new formulas and charts for Excel, inking features that are both new and improved and visual animation for presentations. Additionally, Office 2019 will focus on IT manageability, usability, voice and security for server updates. Microsoft will release more information about Office 2019 over the next few months.


Are you one of those countless Microsoft Excel users that are upset with the problems encountered when you work in Excel 2016? Are you one of those peopled that uninstalled Excel 2016 for the PC and went back to Excel 2013? Or from Excel Mac 2016 back to 2011? Are you a full-time Excel developers and Microsoft Excel MVPs that hate Excel 2016 PC or Mac. If you are you are not alone.


The good news is that we get another chance to get Excel/Office software that works well for us. Forget how it works for everyone else, does your version of Excel do what you want it to, without workarounds and such, but straight out of the Cat6 cable into your machine. Hopefully Excel/Office 2019 is a leap in the right direction.


There is not a lot of news out there on the software,, but we have the top links below so that you can take a deeper dive and decide if Excel/Office 2019 is right for you and your organization. If your group uses the Mac versions of Excel, that is even more vague; will there a Mac version.


Here are the top sources covering Microsoft Excel 2019.


As new information comes out on MS Excel/Office 2019 we will update this post.


If you or the organization you work for needs to hire a firm that works in all of the Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Power BI, give us a call so we can discuss how we may assist you.


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