Mar 2 2012

Change Case of Text in Excel

One question I get all the time is how to change the case of text in Excel. Some applications require case-specific text to make a match with its data. Or you may just want to clean up your data to make it consistent across the document.  Excel provides three quick formulas to accomplish the text-case change we are talking about.
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Oct 9 2011

How to Make a Worksheet Very Hidden

Today we will review two ways that you can hide a worksheet in your workbook.  The simple way is very easy for the end user to unhide the worksheet; the same spreadsheet that you didn’t want them to see in the first place.   To hide a worksheet this way, just select from the main menu: Format > Sheet > Hide.  To unhide, you just need to select Format > Sheet > Unhide and select the sheet you want to see.  As you can see, that method is not very secure.  Now we will go over a second method to more permanently hide worksheet.
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Aug 2 2011

Calculate Age in Excel

Using a combination of built-in functions in Excel, you can quickly calculate a person’s age. There are a couple different ways this method can be used, and we’ll go through both below.
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Jul 26 2011

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts from Microsoft

A few years ago, I wrote a post listing many of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Excel. They included anything from copy & paste shortcuts to formatting shortcuts that could increase your productivity within Excel. Well it looks like Microsoft has posted a printer-friendly list of Excel shortcuts for you to use.
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Jun 12 2011

Date Expire and Password Protect Your Excel Project

When building your Excel projects, you may want to demo a trial version of the work you have completed without giving full access to the working program. There are a couple things you can do to the project to make it difficult to access the vba code you have created. In addition to that, we’ll look at how to add vba code to disable the project from opening.

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