Aug 26 2014

ExcelHints.Com becomes part of the VBAX Group


ExcelHints.Com was registered on 2007-04-18 by John Bennett. Since then the blog has developed a strong following.  But in march 2012 things at ExcelHints.Com changed. Due to growing family restraints John was unable to update the site. John decided to sell the site to the VBAX Group in July of 2014 instead of letting the site slowly die, which would be of determent to the loyal users. The VBAX Group is a group of Excel help sites (ExcelHints.Com, Vbaexpress.Com, among a few others).  All aimed at helping people and entities with the full suite of Microsoft applications, including vba. The Vbaexpress forum for example is one of the best places to get free live help with your Microsoft visual basic for applications code. There are so many passionate members of the forum, dedicated to answering your Excel questions.

Since the purchase by the VBAX Group a set of new features have been added to this site, one of them being the Excel VIDEO Hints which are super short videos on anything as simple as the CTRL V function to the more complicated combination of the Index and Match functions. By design most of the videos are less than two minutes in length. Mind you these are not videos on how to do Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel 2013, as our Microsoft Excel Pivot Table video is over two hours in length. These are super short super and super simple videos (VIDEO Hints). For our longer videos on topics such as on Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Tables, Excel Tables, Excel POWER Tips and Tricks, and Excel Functions & Formulas, visit

Another very important addition is that there is a new super easy to remember toll-free phone number you can use to call us directly (844-MS-Excel), as in 844-Microsoft-Excel.  Please call us if you need assistance with your Excel applications, or for help with any of the various Microsoft applications, either programming or training, as that is a new paid service we offer. Note: Most of our Excel programmers and trainers are Microsoft Excel MVPs such as Jacob Hilderbrand, proud owner of VBAX.

The social media accounts are also under works such as Twitter ( and LinkedIn. Please take the time to follow us, you will learn about our free webinars, new YouTube videos, special Saturday workshops and more.

We hope that is not only able to continue to grow and to add value, but also able to add value to the fresh original content of VBAExpress.Com. The idea is that you will see a short Excel Hint here, with or without an Excel VIDEO Hint, then you can visit VBAExpress.Com for much more information on the exact same subject, often including code examples. And make sure that while there don’t forget to join the Microsoft Forums and register for the newsletter.

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Aug 20 2014

Excel’s Index Match Function

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel’s Index Match Functions.

While Index Match is one of the strongest combination of worksheet functions in MS Excel, it often intimidates those newer to Excel.  You don’t always have to use the most used function, VLookup.  You can look left, not just right. And that is where the power of the Index Match functions come into play. Once you learn how to use them, you will get past their scary persona, and you too will write these just as easily as you write a VLookup.

To learn how to use it/them, please see the blog post on Excel’s Index Match Function by Jacob Hilderbrand of Vbaexpress.


Or if you want to spend time really digging into the details, no one explains this better than Debra Dalgleish. See how she explains Excel’s Index Match functions in great detail.

Debra’s Resources: Use the INDEX and MATCH functions to pull data from a list. These functions can be used together, to create a powerful and flexible formula.


Aug 18 2014

CTRL + V = Paste in Microsoft Excel

According to Wikipedia, In computing, Control-V is a control character in ASCII code, also known as the synchronous idle (SYN) character. It is generated by pressing the V key while holding down the Ctrl key on a computer keyboard. The equivalent Mac OS key combination on Apple computers is Command-V.

Simply put, in Microsoft Excel, as well as many of the other Microsoft applications, CTRL+V will paste the contents of the clipboard to the application in use.  Specifically in Microsoft Excel, if you use CTRL+C to copy a cell, and then move to a different cell and hit CTRL+V, you will paste the copied information into the new location. Same thing will happen if you use CTRL+X to cut the cell contents, and then use CTRL+V in a different cell.

To see more of the keyboard shortcuts, visit Vbaexpress.Com,


Excel VIDEO Hint is below, please click the graphic to see the two-minute Excel Hint VIDEO style.












Until the next Excel Hint, Excel well.



Aug 17 2014

Excel Hint 08172014 – Excel Forums

What do you do if you need help with your Excel files, and in particular, with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications – Macros)?

If you are having challenges with the code you wrote or inherited, and you cannot afford to hire a professional to help you, one of the easiest ways to get the help you need is to visit a few of the top Excel forums. Most are free, and for those that charge, the monthly fee is minimal.

Here is the lowdown on how it works, in a nutshell. On the top forums you post your question(s) and you then wait for one or more answers. Answers often come right away, and the question you are asking may have possibly been asked in the past by others needing the same type of help and as such the answer may already be there for you. Once you find the answer you can either use that to help you with your code or you can further query your need until the code works the way you want it to and until you fully understand it. For more details on how this works, visit the forums listed below. While there make sure to register, and if they offer free webinars, videos, newsletters, and such, you may want to take advantage of those as well.

Let’ start by listing the five top Excel forums:


There are also a lot of firms where you can Get Excel Help on a paid basis, but that is another post. A few of them are pasted below just in case that is your need.

Until next time, Excel well.

Aug 13 2014

Free Webinar on Microsoft Excel Tables, by Zack Barresse – Microsoft Excel MVP

This Friday will present part two of the two-part series on Microsoft Excel tables by Zack Barresse. It is a free webinar and you are invited to join. If you missed part one of the series, no worries, you can watch the recording on the video page of Vbaexpress.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • Working with table objects
  • Why the macro recorder fails with tables
  • Parts of a table
  • Table structure properties
  • Creating and naming a table
  • Adding multiple rows or columns
  • Looping through rows and columns
  • Custom table procedures


  • Learn to work with tables like a pro, and bend them to your will with the power of VBA.


You can learn more by clicking here.

You can register by clicking here.


Hope to see you there.

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