May 2 2016

The Story of Excel

The Story of Excel


Do you ever wonder whatever happened to Lotus 123 and other products that once seemed to rival Microsoft Excel? If you are new to Excel you are likely to be unaware of them, or the history of Excel. The story of Excel dates back to 1982 when its predecessor was called Multiplan also marketed by Microsoft to compete against a spreadsheet program called Visicalc which was the first electronic spreadsheet program created for Personal Computers. Excel was first released for the Mac in 1985 and the personal computer version was released in 1987.

Our company, Excel and Access, LLC has been working with Microsoft Excel since day one.  One of our friends and previous Excel developers and trainers is now working at Microsoft on the Microsoft Excel team, in addition to being a Microsoft Excel MVP and author.

By 1993 Excel had overtaken Lotus 1-2-3 as the electronic spreadsheet application of choice. One of the most important  changes/additions of the Excel object model is the integration of VBA Visual Basic for Applications, aka, Macros) into Excel took the program to unprecedented levels of functionality.

The notable versions of Excel were 5, 9, Excel 97 (PC), Excel 2000 (PC), Excel 2002 (PC), Excel 2003 (PC), Excel 2004 (Mac), Excel 2007 (PC), Excel 2008 (Mac), Excel 2010 (PC), Excel 2011 (Mac), Excel 2013 (PC), Excel 2016(PC), Excel 2016 (Mac).

Would you like to know more, see the full article on one of our company websites, as this site is about “Excel Hints”, not the full story, Excel Consultant.

Excel 2016 had a host of new features and among them was one of Excel 2010’s most important feature, the PowerPivot add-in. With this feature you could use Excel and work on several 100 millions of rows of data as compared to the one million rows of Excel 2007.

If you need help with Excel or Access, be it consulting or training, please contact Christopher at 877-392-3539.

Apr 27 2016

Hire our Consultants, Programmers & Trainers

Yes, this site which is seen as an educational site on the Microsoft Excel application also offers paid services through Vbaexpress.Com, one of the top five Microsoft



VBA Express, Inc. is not just one of the top Microsoft Help Forums in the USA and the UK, it is also one of the best places to get affordable, rapid programming solutions with all of the Microsoft applications from Excel and Access, to SQL Server, Word, Outlook, and even If you work on the Mac, don’t fret, we work on the Mac just as well.

Jacob is our Senior Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, Outlook, VB.Net Developer. Jacob has worked as a VBA, VB.NET, Microsoft Office programming consultant since 2004. Jacob has completed 1,280 projects to date for 304 unique clients and companies. These projects are primarily for Microsoft Office and use VBA automation either as a stand-alone for one application or to add interoperability between the Microsoft Applications. Additionally, Jacob develops windows applications with VB.NET as well as SQL databases: Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL Server.

Want to learn more, visit or our new site,

Apr 22 2016

Watch our latest Microsoft Access Training Video

Recently we conducted several Microsoft Access training webinars.  We recorded them and we are making them available to the users of this site. No cost, no strings, just watch the video if you find the topic to be of interest.

Stan is the trainer, and he is one of our senior Microsoft Access programmers and trainers.

So while this is not an Excel hint, it is educational.  So if you have the time and the interest, take a peek.

And if you want to see all of our Microsoft Excel training videos, for free, go to the video page on our website.

Click here to open the PowerPoint Slide Deck that goes along with the video.

MS Access Training

Apr 13 2016

VBAExpress.Com Forums Answer Any Questions You Have – For Free

Do you have a question or two that you just cannot find the answers for?

How many hours, days, or even weeks have you wasted, or worse, what have you not been able to do that you need to do?  Which Microsoft application, or applications are giving you the challenge?  Is this personal or for work?  Want the answer(s), want them for free?  At VBAExpress.Com we can help you with that.

First, let’s start off by telling you what VBAExpress.Com is.

  • VBAX as we like to call it is one of the largest and most helpful Microsoft help forums on the intranet.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have received answers to their questions on VBAX.
  • You can get help with any of the Microsoft applications, and not just with your VBA.
  • While the site is nambed VBA Express, VBA is just one of the topics on the forum.  Need help with a formula such as the Microsoft Excel Vlookup, or how to take an Excel chart and place it in PowerPoint, we can help you with that.
  • From Microsoft Excel to SQL Server, if you have the questions, our free Microsoft help forum has the answers.
  • At anytime there may be several thousand people asking and answering questions. As such the response time is amazingly short.
  • The VBAX forums are monitored by Microsoft MVPs, authors, trainers, consultants and Office experts.


History of VBAX

  • VBA Express was formed in 2004.
  • Jacob Hilderbrand is one of the founding members of the forum and is currently one of the co-owners of the site.
  • Several of the original founding moderators are still active on the forums, answering questions, moderating the forums and such.
  • In 2014 VBAX began offering training webinars on Microsoft Excel.

Click here if you want to expand your knowledge with VBA Express?

Dec 23 2015

This blog post just has a single, simple wish

The team at VBAExpress, Excel & Access, and Talon have a simple wish, we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous and healthy new year.

Jacob cfprofile

Christopher, Jacob, Team



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